Chapter Management Institute

During this 3 day workshop, advisors are connected with SkillsUSA Florida’s most outstanding advisors to learn what it takes to become an exceptional SkillsUSA advisor. Attendees are taught the ins and outs of SkillsUSA and how to best use it’s resources to advance their chapters and students. Teachers leave CMI with the confidence to build a successful chapter.

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Follow these easy steps to sign up for this year’s State Leadership Training Workshop and Chapter Management Institute!

***You must have submitted your national membership in order to register for SLTW or CMI.

1. Visit and log in to your account (if you don’t have an account, you will have to create one by following the prompts on the screen). Please note that the registration website has changed from last year!

2. Select “SLTW and CMI” from the drop down event screen.

3. Choose your first member to register. Select the appropriate registration type. Students can select single or quad (room with up to 4 stuents), and advisors can select a single room or double. For a guaranteed single room, you MUST select the single option. If you are an advisor attending to supervise students but are not attending CMI, select the Chaperone option, single or double room.

4. Be sure to list the correct t-shirt size! This year we have gender-specific shirts, so please choose appropriately.

5. Fill in ALL the information for each participant. You do not need to select a contest, but be sure to indicate whether the registrant is an advisor or student.

6. If you are in need of an additional night’s stay on October 19, select your rooming preference from the Optional Items area near the bottom of the page. Click “Add” and select your choice.

7. Once you have entered all registrants for your school or section, on the main registration page, click the “Hotel Planner.” Your registrants will appear in a list to the right on your screen, and the room options are located to the left. Simply drag and drop participants into rooms based on their rooming rate. Make sure students are rooming with other students of the same gender.

8. After your room assignments are finished, you can generate a school-wide invoice. This amount must be received by the SkillsUSA Florida office no later than September 30.
Remit payment to the following address:

SkillsUSA Florida
4446 Hendricks Ave PMB 229
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Please note our address has changed from Pensacola to Jacksonville at the beginning of this school year. Mail sent to Pensacola will be returned.