State Leadership Training Workshop

What to Expect:

The State Leadership Training Workshop is a professional development opportunity for both experienced and upcoming leaders in their chapters and regions. The workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn about SkillsUSA and how to run a successful chapter, while developing their personal leadership.

Students will explore the Program of Work and implanting it in their chapters, and how incorporating each aspect produces well-rounded chapter members and school leaders. They will work with other schools in their regions to brainstorm and select activities that reflect the wants and needs of their peers. Students will also examine their strengths and build on their deficiencies through a variety of small group and individual activities. Workshops will focus on integrity, teamwork, and responsibility.

The Chapter Management Institute is a great opportunity for new, nearly new, or not so new advisors to learn the ins and outs of SkillsUSA, building and growing a successful chapter, and incorporating Career Readiness into the classroom. Advisors will receive over $150 in educational resources, including turn-key lesson plans and exercises. The workshop is facilitated by Courtney Ferrell, SkillsUSA Program Manager for the Office of Education, and other SkillsUSA staff and volunteers with varying experience and insight. This is the perfect opportunity to network with other advisors, and dig deeper into what SkillsUSA offers.

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