Joining SkillsUSA Florida is a two-part task.

  1. Complete National Membership
  2. Complete State Membership

Step 1: Complete National Membership

Instructors must enter all students and teachers as members in the National SkillsUSA database. Upon completion, you may generate an invoice and settle payment with the National Office. No membership payments should be sent to the State Office.

To access SkillsUSA’s online registration system, you will be leaving SkillsUSA Florida’s main site and entering the registration site. You MUST be an advisor or professional member to use this site.


Note: The SkillsUSA Membership Hotline can take care of all of your membership questions. Call toll free 844-875-4557.

Membership Dues:

Student $15.50 ($8.00 Nationals and $7.50 State)
Professional $21.50 ($14.00 Nationals and $7.50 State)

 Step 2: Complete State Membership

Students and teachers must “Create an Account” in our SkillsUSA Florida Membership Database. It is important that students and teachers create their own account so they may access the amenities provided.

To access SkillsUSA Florida membership database and conference registration software, you will be leaving the primary website and entering an auxiliary site.