SLSC Special Programs

Aim Hire! 

We are excited to offer Aim Hire, SkillsUSA Florida’s student professional development session. This year, we will offer two sessions each day at the Pensacola Bay Center, Room D. Please see the conference schedule for times. Sessions will focus on Workplace Skills: Communication and Leadership. If you are looking for additional activities for your students, encourage them to sign up for the sessions here. There is no cost for the sessions, and all conference attendees are encouraged to select a session and sign up. Session facilitators are SkillsUSA National Treasurer, Rosajunely Cartagena, and SkillsUSA National Region 5 Vice President, Bryce Romero.



Social Media Ambassador Program
This year we are unrolling a new program to SkillsUSA Florida, the Social Media Ambassador Team. This will set a precedent for an exciting new way SkillsUSA members can volunteer at our State Conference. Our social media ambassadors will responsible for live coverage of invitation-only events, the opening and closing ceremonies, press conferences and more. Check out the guidelines below for more information. 
For more information, contact Karla Recio at