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December 8, 2015



Get Ready to … Jump into STEM!

SkillsUSA members are bridging the gap between elementary students and STEM careers with the groundbreaking new program Jump into STEM! Elementary participants take part in dynamic and interactive experiences facilitated by SkillsUSA members. Jump into STEM! materials are detailed and organized to make facilitation simple, yet power-packed with information that will engage participants in meaningful experiences and intentional learning. The curriculum provides 22 interactive and memorable sessions, each written to introduce elementary students to different STEM careers and career clusters, as well as the value of SkillsUSA. During the sessions, chapter members introduce themselves, present activities that engage student learning and share specific career cluster and occupational information. The curriculum includes two sessions for 11 of the Career Clusters.

Jump into STEM! is a free member benefit of SkillsUSA professional membership. Professional members receive an automatic email upon submitting membership that includes a PIN for easy access into Jump into STEM! and the Career Readiness Curriculum, both of which are conveniently located on the advisor login page of the SkillsUSA registration site.



Help accessing your CRC and Jump into STEM! Pin Code

SkillsUSA professional members have been enjoying their unique benefits by logging into the Career Readiness Curriculum and exploring the 29 turnkey lesson plans. They’re also using the new program Jump into STEM! with their students. However, if professional members do not place their email address into their membership details record, or if they enter an incorrect email address, they will not receive a PIN code to access these programs.

In a few simple steps, advisors can update their membership record with their email address and receive their personal identification number. To update an email address in two minutes or less:

1.     Log in to the Membership and Conference Registration Site here:
2.     Click the Membership icon (or use the Membership Add/Edit Members menu)
3.     Locate the Training Program (for example, Carpentry or Cosmetology) your Professional Membership was joined under, then click the Members link for that row:
4.     Find your name in the list of Members, then click the “Edit” link for that row. Since you have probably alreadysubmitted your membership to join this year, you’ll see a warning message like this, warning that you cannot change the member’s name, but you canchange or enter an email address.
5.     Type in your valid email address in the Email field at the top right, then click Save.
6.     Now navigate to the CRC and Jump into STEM! Login page here:
7.     Enter that same email address on this login page, then click the Email My PIN button.
8.     Wait a few moments, then check your email (be sure to check the junk mail folder, too). Your PIN code to access the CRC and Jump into STEM! content should have arrived.

Something still not working?
Two common things could still prevent you from getting the PIN:
·         If your training program has not actually joined yet, then you are not an official SkillsUSA Professional Member yet this year, and your PIN will not be sent. Check the Membership area to make sure your members have all been submitted — if not, you’ll get the email immediately when you do.
·         Your spam filters could be blocking the automated email, which should come from Be sure to check your junk mail folder in your email client, and try adding this email address to your list of “trusted senders.”



SkillsUSA Florida – Pensacola State College

Bring Back Warrington was formed by Warrington Residents Randy and Jennifer Ponson (Region 1 Coordinator), to help the Community focus on ideas to revitalize the community and to find ways to bring the community together. One of the committees developed was The Warrington Market Place and Food Truck Rally. The committee voted to allow proceeds to go to our Pensacola State College (PSC) SkillsUSA organization.

The PSC chapter officers attend regular meetings and assist as volunteers during the monthly Market Place/Food Truck Rally. The students assist in organizing events, setting up a community service projects each month and take care of set up and clean- up.

On December 5, 2015 the PSC Welding class was key in setting up the community project with Toys for Tots by working with the local military to set up our event as a collection site. The marines were able to collect over 4 large boxes of toys.

In addition, SkillsUSA had a Winter Wonderland for children to visit with Santa.  County Commissioner Doug Underhill dressed as Santa for the first half of the morning and then Florida SkillsUSA State Sargent-at-Arm Alex Brummett dressed as Santa for the remainder of the day and gave out candy to the sweet children.



Changes Coming to Member Communications

The national Communications staff has put the final touches on the Winter 2016 issue of SkillsUSA Champions. This magazine, which includes our annual survey results of technical committee chairs at the SkillsUSA Championships, will only be mailed to chapters joining before Nov. 16. This will be the last print issue of the school year. SkillsUSA staff is working on the conversion of the Spring 2016 issue to a digital edition, available through our website, that will be responsive on all electronic devices.



Need Help with Your Chapter or Registering Members?
Call the SkillsUSA Membership Hotline Toll Free, 844-875-4557
Hotline operators are ready to answer your questions on how to start a new chapter, engage chapter members and strengthen an existing chapter.



Competition Spotlight: Prepared Speech

Requires students to deliver a speech five to seven minutes in length on a common theme established by National SkillsUSA. Contestants are evaluated on their ability to present thoughts relating to a central theme clearly and effectively, and on voice, mechanics, and platform deportment.