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July 5, 2016


Dates to Remember

Coming Soon: Regional Leadership Training Workshop, by region
September 18-21: WLTI, Washington, DC
October 19-22: SLTW, Leesburg, FL



My name is Jessica Donelan, and I am your new SkillsUSA Florida State Director. I am so excited to work for you, and continue to make Florida the greatest state in the SkillsUSA nation! A little about me: I began my journey with SkillsUSA in 2014 at Frank H. Peterson in Jacksonville as a chapter adviserand Culinary Arts teacher. I fell in  love with this organization from the start, and believe wholly in our purpose. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions at jdonelan@skillsusafl.org. I look forward to meeting all of you!



SkillsUSA Florida NLSC Medalists

SkillsUSA Florida had an amazing performance at the National Skills and Leadership Conference in Louisville, KY last month. Over 150 competitors placed in the top 10 in their contest. You can view your score card here. Join me in congratulating all of our medalists!

3-D Visualization and Animation, Post-Secondary: Bronze
Eduardo Santiago, Joshue Soto: Manatee Technical College

Action Skills, Post-Secondary: Bronze
Wesley Morey: Manatee Technical College

Basic Health Care Skills, Secondary: Silver
Shaina Murat: South Technical Education Center

Broadcast News Production, Secondary: Gold
Johnny Cromwell, Alexis Federico, Sophia Atzrodt, Naomi Rafi: Southeast High School

Broadcast News Production, Post-Secondary: Gold
Jason Boone, Zachary Richey, Christian Lilly-Crum, Thomas Reese: Manatee Technical College

Career Pathways – Health Services, Post-Secondary: Bronze
Brittany McLean, Tiffany Nubern, Cassie Davis: Northwest Florida State College

Career Pathways – Human Services, Post-Secondary: Gold
David Gardner, Deborah Brosene, Timothy C. Clausell: Pensacola State College

Career Pathways – Human Services, Post-Secondary: Silver
Elizabeth Lee, Amelia Calhoun, Krystal Hardin: Pensacola State College

Career Pathways – Human Services, Post-Secondary: Bronze
Crystal Whitelaw, Breahna King, Amanda Henderson: Orange Technical College – Orlando Campus

Career Pathways – Industrial and Engineering, Post-Secondary: Bronze
Alicia Lash, Adrian Taylor, Rachel Duncan: Manatee Technical College

Community Service, Post-Secondary: Bronze
Silvana Alfaro, Beth Zipperer, Angela Yoho: Manatee Technical College

Crime Scene Investigation, Secondary: Gold
Elizabeth St. Pierre, Jessica Madrigal, Madison M. Valesky: Pinellas Park High School

Dental Assisting, Post-Secondary: Gold
Jennifer L. Helm: Traviss Techincal Center

Diesel Equipment Technology, Secondary: Gold
Taylor Owen: Orange Technical College – Mid-Florida Campus

Digital Cinema Production, Secondary: Bronze
Luis Tirado, Felipe Vargas: Cypress Bay High School

Digital Cinema Production, Post-Secondary: Bronze
Carlos Hernandez, Amity Hoffman: Manatee Techincal College

Early Childhood Education, Post-Secondary: Gold
Tawanda Brown, Northwest Florida State College

Electrical Construction Wiring, Secondary: Bronze
Anthony Zupancic: Marchman Technical College

Employment Application Process, Post-Secondary: Gold
Dawn Fenton, Sheridan Technical College

Entrepreneurship, Post-Secondary: Silver
Brianna LaDere, Jamie Anthony, Rory Shelley, Nyla Mitchell: Manatee Technical College

Extemporaneous Speaking, Post-Secondary: Silver
Katherine Cuevas: Erwin Vo-Tech Center

Internetworking, Secondary: Gold
Benjamin T. Simon: Middleton High School

Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technology, Secondary: Gold
Adrian Betancourt: Robert Morgan Center & Technical College

Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technology, Post-Secondary: Gold
Matthew Pryor: Manatee Technical College

Marine Service Technology, Secondary: Gold
Robert Koss: Eau Gallie High School

Mobile Electronics Installation, Post-Secondary: Bronze
Michael Gonzalez: Orange Technical College – Mid-Florida Campus

Nail Care, Secondary: Silver
Nashalye Nazario: Manatee Technical College

Nail Care, Post-Secondary: Silver
Tenise Jenkins: Orange Technical College – Westside Campus

Photography, Post-Secondary: Bronze
Amber-Lynn Rodriguez: Manatee Techincal College

Power Equipment Technology, Post-Secondary: Gold
Austin Terry: Gadsden Technical Institute

Practical Nursing, Secondary: Gold
Patricia Lopez: South Technical Education Center

Residential Systems Installation and Maintenance, Secondary: Silver
Christian Baran Vazquez: Orange Technical College – Mid-Florida Campus

Residential Systems Installation and Maintenance, Post-Secondary: Bronze
Caroline Hankins: Orange Technical College – Mid-Florida Campus

T-Shirt Design, Secondary: Silver
James Fergusen: Tampa Bay Technical High School

Telecommunications Cabling, Secondary: Silver
Bryan Urias: Orange Technical College – Mid-Florida Campus

Telecommunications Cabling, Post-Secondary: Silver
Frank Kelly, Ramil Medor: Orange Technical College – Orlando Campus

Web Design, Post-Secondary: Gold
Elizabeth Witter, Brian Beach: Manatee Technical College


NLSC Medalists



Washington Leadership Training Institute:
September 17-21, 2016

Did you know that you could travel to Washing, D.C. for leadership training? Learn how you, as an individual, can effect change, including your impact as a citizen, an employee, and a leader. The trip also include Congressional visits, trips to Washington’s monuments, and the chance to earn the SkillsUSA National Statesman Award. Email Jessica Donelan (jdonelan@skillsusafl.org) or Dave Moye (dmoye@skillsusafl.org) to apply. Application deadline is August 8!


WLTI Information



Regional Leadership Training Workshops 

RLTW is coming soon! Contact your Regional Coordinator to find out more information.

Click here to find the contact information for your region.



State Leadership Training Workshop:
October 19-22, 2016

Get ready for SLTW! We will convene in Leesburg, FL at the Lake Yale Conference Center. This training opportunity is open to all Secondary and Post-SecondarySKillsUSA members. You will learn skills and curriculum to take back to your local chapter. More information, including cost and registration, coming soon!


2015 SLTW



NLSC Photos 

Do you have a great photo of you and your chapter at NLSC? Please send any amazing photos to Jessica Donelan at jdonelan@skillsusafl.org!