August 16, 2016

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August 16, 2016


Dates to Remember

August 26-27: Board of Directors Meeting, Eustis, FL
Coming Soon: Regional Leadership Training Workshop, by region
September 18-21: WLTI, Washington, DC
October 19-22: SLTW and CMI, Leesburg, FL




State Director’s Corner
Board of Directors’ Meeting
Design Specs
Survey Packets
SkillsUSA Championships Photos



State Director’s Corner

As your school year starts full speed, I am working hard at the State Directors Association Conference in Herndon, VA with other State Directors from all over the country gearing up for the upcoming year. You should be receiving your membership kit in the mail soon, if you were affiliated last year. There is great information, including an infographic on maneuvering the registration site. Since your professional membership includes some AWESOME perks this year, make sure you enter a valid email address when you register!

SLTW and CMI are fast approaching! Registration opens soon, and I strongly encourage you to send students this year. It will provide a lot of great information for students and advisors to bring back to your chapter!

As always, don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions at




Registration on the SkillsUSA national website opened August 1. Get your professional memberships in soon: this year it comes with lots of perks!

  • A full, digital copy of the 2017-2018 SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards. It contains rules for all national competitive events, including an overview, lists of technical skills and knowledge required, clothing requirements, eligibility, and equipment lists. The technical standards will be released in October.
  • Jump in STEM!, which includes STEM career exploration activities that can be taught by high school members to middle or elementary students. (Maybe a great community service project?)
  • Career Readiness Curriculum (CRC), This includes 29 lesson plans that support the SkillsUSA Framework and prepare students for workplace success, and is the first step in the SkillsUSA Professional Development Program.

Student state and national dues remain the same, $15.50 per member. Professional dues have increased to $27.50 for both state and national membership. The registration deadline is February 1, 2017.

Advisors who register 15 student members before November 15 will receive an exciting extra gift! It is beneficial for advisors to register early to gain access to all the amazing new benefits this year, even if you aren’t ready to register students.

If you need help registering, or are looking for ways to engage your students, or strengthen your chapter, Hotline Operators are on call five days a week. Reach them at (844) 875-4557 from 8 am to 5 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and 11 am to 7 pm on Tuesday and Thursday. You can also reach them by email at, or chat online at the membership registration site.



Board of Directors Meeting:
August 26-27, 2016

All SkillsUSA members are invited to attend board meting to express views or concerns. If you cannot attend the meetings, ask your regional coordinator to express your concerns to the board. For more information, please contact your regional coordinator. The meeting is held in Eustis, FL at Lake Technical College.



Regional Leadership Training Workshops 

RLTW is coming soon! Contact your Regional Coordinator to find out more information.

Click here to find the contact information for your region.



State Leadership Training Workshop (SLTW)
and Chapter Management Institute (CMI):

October 20-22, 2016

Studdents: Join your State Officers for an amazing 3-day workshop to learn what Skills is all about, and how to make your chapter the best it can be. Secondary and post-secondary students are invited to attend. Registration begins on September 12 and closes September 23. Pricing for students is $315 – $375, depending on occupancy.

Attention Advisers: this one’s for you! The Chapter Management Institute runs parallel to SLTW and gives advisers the chance to learn the ins and outs of SkillsUSA, and how to use its resources to make your chapter the best it can be! For more information, click the red box below. Registration starts September 12 and closes September 23. Cost for advisers to attend is $425 – $480, depending on occupancy.

More information is included at the link below!


SLTW and CMI Information!



State Design Contest Specs!!
Here they are: design specs for the pin, t-shirt, banner, and program cover!
Submissions must be received via email by Jessica by October 7, 2016 in order to be considered for the contest.
Check out the design specs below — the winning design will be used to represent Florida at state and national leadership conferences!
Make sure that you follow the SkillsUSA graphic standards when using the logo or slogans.
A social media campaign will decide the winner during SLTW!


Design Contest Specs!



Survey Packets for Education Research Center of America

Opportunities for students pursuing CTE-related careers, including those in health sciences, continue to expand. As new technologies create new and changing jobs, student perceptions of these opportunities shift. That is why SkillsUSA is collaborating again this fall with the Education Research Center of America (ERCA) to produce surveys of CTE students.

One packet with survey forms for teachers and students entitled “The Research Consortium on CTE Pathways” will be mailed to high-school CTE teachers, including some SkillsUSA advisors. This survey was developed collaboratively by ERCA, The Manufacturing Institute and SkillsUSA.

A separate packet with survey forms for teachers and students, “Research Consortium on Health/Science Careers,” will be sent to some high-school biology and health sciences teachers, including some SkillsUSA health sciences advisors. This survey was developed collaboratively by ERCA, the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) and SkillsUSA.

Last year’s survey showed SkillsUSA students outperformed CTE students, non-CTSO students and other CTSO students in several key indicators including grades, graduation rates and engagement in their education and future career path. We encourage SkillsUSA instructors and students to participate in this year’s surveys so that we can continue to build the case for support and understand how we can best serve our students.

If you want to make sure you receive this package, please fill out the simple online form at: or send an email to: to make sure you’re on the list.



SkillsUSA Championships Photos

The winners’ photos from the 2016 SkillsUSA Championships are now available online and can be seen and downloaded by going to the main page at, or by going to When you click on a photo, scroll down to see the caption that identifies the students and technical committee members pictured.




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