SkillsUSA Florida recognizes the dedication of its members through a variety of state awards. Recipients will be recognized at the State Leadership and Skills Conference.
Award nominations are accepted through February 28th, 2021 unless otherwise stated in award description. Please see each award description for criteria and nomination process.

2020-2021 Award Recipients

Honorary Life Award

Rebecca Gunter, Pensacola State College

Rebecca is known for her organization, commitment, and attention to detail. She is loyal and a true champion, always willing to pitch in for the good of SkillsUSA. She continues to positively impact our organization with her skills, knowledge and willingness to help others. She has served the organization for 10 years, and has been instrumental to the success of our State Leadership and Skills Conference. Rebecca truly exemplifies our mission and supports SkillsUSA Florida in any way she can.

Greg Doster, Whirlpool (Retired)

Greg has always pushed people to be better in every aspect of life. He has dedicated countless hours to providing fair, real contests for students that create real results with career opportunities. He has been a part of SkillsUSA for almost 20 years at the local, state and national levels. He serves as the National Technical Chair for the Residential and Commercial Appliance Technology contest. He is also an Industry Representative on the Florida SkillsUSA Board of Directors.

Regional Leader Award

Region 1

Sonja McCall-Strehlow, Pensacola State College

Presented by Jennifer Ponson, Region 1 Coordinator

Sonja has demonstrated her commitment to SkillsUSA for the past 10 years as an advisor. She assists with the fall leadership conference, regional leadership conference, state and national. She is always willing to help whenever and wherever needed. She has been an important part of SkillsUSA’s success in the region, and never misses a chance to showcase SkillsUSA and how it benefits students!

Region 2

Jayde Alioto Villagomez, Forest High School

Presented by Marcus Francisco, Region 2 Coordinator

Jayde has dedicated herself to her career, her chapter, her region, and her state. Jayde is a former state and regional officer, and also served on the national Courtesy Corps team. She always looks for a way to help, most times without even being asked. Jayde is a role model for students who wish to become a better team player and a future leader.

Region 5

Christopher Ulman, Cypress Bay High School

Presented by Jennifer Messina, Region 5 Coordinator

Mr. Ulman shows students how SkillsUSA can impact their lives. He devotes himself to the organization as an advisor, volunteer, judge, and leader. He is dedicated to his students and their success, and continually contributes to the efforts of the region and SkillsUSA as a whole.

Region 6

Chastity Greek, Charlotte Technical College

Presented by Michelle Meluch, Region 6 Coordinator

Chastity is new to SkillsUSA and has done an outstanding job getting students from her school, Charlotte Technical College, involved with SkillsUSA. She stepped up to assist with the Region 6 Steering Committee and has several students participate in Courtesy Corps during the regional conference. She is always willing to lend a hand, and is a true asset to Region 6 and our state association!

Todd Mann Service Award

Alexiss Ward, Lyman High School

Alexiss has served on the SkillsUSA Florida Courtesy Corps Leadership Team for four years, and as a Region 3 Officer for 3 years. She is the person you can always count on to get a task done, and truly embodies what it means to be a SkillsUSA Champion!

Rookie Educator of the Year

Peter Schmidt, Orange Technical College, Mid-Florida Campus

From his first days on campus, he has embraced the SkillsUSA vision and core values. Mr. Schmidt ensures that his students have the skills necessary to secure employment once they complete the program, and that they understand the importance of giving back through citizenship and service. He provides opportunities for students to deepen their knowledge of the industry and gain significant work-related experience in the process. He is always willing to go above and beyond in his efforts to support students, and is ready to tackle any initiative or challenge in order for students to have equity, access and opportunity in the electrical industry.