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We all want to make a difference with our lives, but life gets busy and time seems to disappear. But what if you could help the next generation of working-class citizens with just a few hours of your time?

Join us at the SkillsUSA Florida State Leadership and Skills Conference and share your expertise and advice with the next generation workers. Students need your experience, wisdom, and stories to become the best leaders they can be. Judging is easy because you already have the skills and expertise needed to do it. Judging competitive events requires a one-day commitment, and you’ll be guiding students towards success in college and their future careers. Come for a few hours or make it an annual event––either way, leave knowing you made an impact.

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Competition judges have a unique opportunity to see our students’ skills firsthand. We encourage judges to recruit directly from the competitors when the competition is over. Over 100 different skill and leadership competitions need your support – sign up today!

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