2021-2022 Chapter Success Guide

2021-2022 Contest Guide

2021-2022 Contest Invitation Grid

2021-2022 Contest by Career Cluster

State Officer Application 2021-2022for information purposes only. The 2022-2023 application will be available November 2021.

Virtual Meet the Employer Advisor Guide

IMPACT Chapter Experiences – Advisor Training Information

Student Self-Registration and Self-Pay Instructionsfor membership registration

Chaperone Background Check Verification Formrequired of all advisors and chaperones who will have direct and consistent contact with students during event. Must be submitted once per year.

COVID-19 Acknowledgement Formall in-person conference attendees must complete this form and submit it at the start of the conference. Requires a signature for participants under 18.

Student Code of Conduct Formall student participants must complete this form for all events. Requires a signature for participants under 18. 

Advisor Code of Conduct Formall advisors, chaperones, and other professional participants must complete this form for all events. 

Conference Registration and Liability Release Form – this form is auto-completed when conference participants are registered online. Any additions or substitutions after the registration deadline must have this form completed manually.

Grievance FormUpdated January 2020

Contest Feedback Form

Travel Reimbursement Form

State Education Team Information and Requirements

State Education Team Application